Respected guests,

Faced with a severe challenge due to the spread of the coronavirus and following the declaration of a pandemic by the WHO, we have made a responsible decision to temporarily close the accommodation service at our hotel.
We closely monitor and adhere to the decisions of the competent health institutions, we are responsible and patient.

Now we can say with certainty that we have provided all the conditions according to the recommendations of the WHO and the local health agency for a safe and carefree vacation of our guests and employees.
We responsibly and with pleasure inform you that Hotel Mozart starts with the service of guest accommodation from 15.06.2020. years.

We are grateful for the trust shown so far, which obliges us to be even better in all segments of our business and guest service, to plan and spend your vacation exactly as you imagined. Our employees are trained to implement security measures and will be happy to instruct, inform and advise you on the current situation.
Of course, the new situations required certain adjustments and we want to introduce you to the same:

• In order to shorten the waiting time at the border crossing for entry into the Republic of Croatia, we advise foreign citizens to submit their data via the website
• By calling 00385 51 718 260 or sending an email to, arrange with the hotel reception everything you need to register your reservation and additional services in order to shorten your stay at the reception.
• Inform yourself at the listed contacts and check everything you need for a safe stay.

Follow the latest information via the link


• Written notices, brochures and other printed materials will no longer be available in the rooms, and guests will receive information by calling the hotel reception. You can also forward the inquiry by email via the hotel's free wi-fi network.
• Decorative pillows, bedspreads and other decorative textiles have been temporarily removed from the room and guests will receive them on request.
• The mini bar in the rooms will not be in operation, but guests will be able to order the entire range on offer by calling the reception.
• Room cleaning will be ordered by guests at the door or by calling the reception. If no notice is received the maid will only deliver towels while the room is empty.
• The elevator can only be used by one person or people who are in the same room together.
• Fitness and wellness will be temporarily unavailable.
• Self-service in the restaurant will not be possible. To avoid crowds and delays, the hotel reception will inform you about breakfast dates. By calling the reception you can order breakfast to wait for you at the agreed time.
Disinfection and ventilation of the premises is done several times a day for the purpose of your protection and satisfaction. Our mission is to provide you with a safe holiday according to your needs and wishes, and that is why we invite you to check our offers today and book a vacation date.
We look forward to seeing you again!
Mozart team


The borders of the Republic of Croatia are fully open to citizens of the following countries:

• Germany
• Austria
• Slovenia
• Hungary
• Czech Republic
• Slovakia
• Poland
• Estonia
• Latvia
• Lithuania
Citizens from the above countries do not have to prove the reasons for entering the Republic of Croatia (tourist or other reasons).
We repeat: we advise you to submit your data in advance via the website This will prevent additional delays at the border crossing.
Passengers who have registered through the website will receive a confirmation of the received announcement and all the necessary information and recommendations issued by the local health agency to their e-mail address.
Passengers who do not register via the web will be able to do so at the border crossing (with a longer wait).

Citizens from other EU countries will be required to present proof of accommodation reservation when crossing the border.
There is no obligation of self-isolation!
Guests will receive a leaflet with general and special recommendations and instructions from the local health agency at the border crossing.


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